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Wonderful Indonesia

20 May , 2016  

Indonesia is wonderful and it isn’t just Bali. It’s more. Much more. Spanned east to west three-time-zones-wide, there’s a lot of places to see and visit; cultures and hospitality to enjoy; and, among those, places where your urge to stay is a lil’ bit stronger: a place to fall in love with.

“To travel is to live,” they said. And Indonesia is a great place to start.

There’s no such place as literal paradise in this Earth. However, many places in Indonesia are the closest things you’ll ever get with that term. Furthermore, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure you’ll get paradise-like excellence, in terms of experience, comfort and joy.  Make personal researches, for instance. Ask friends and family who have visited Indonesia. Join some travel forums as sources for more info. Try to find about everything that will make you better-prepared to make your stay more than memorable. Take notes on everything. This is something you would do with other tourism destinations, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a noob. Indonesia is no exception.

Booking Made Easy (and Not Just That)

Bedforest focuses on Indonesia region: from Sabang, the western-most city, to Merauke the eastern-most, and everything in between.

Indonesia 101: Indonesian Archipelago comprises five major islands, namely, from west to east: Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (otherwise known as Borneo), Sulawesi, and last but not least, Papua. The Mollucas and Nusa Tenggara Islands (including Bali) are smaller islands in between.

Each island, as you can guess, comes with different cultures, ethnic groups, customs and even culinary delicacies. They’re distinct to each other, each is unique although similarities are to be expected.

Mountains, seasides, urban settlements each offers different experience for travelers. We have cultural as well as contemporary

Visit more than one places. Is a must.

Where To Go?

Urban travelers can hit the big cities directly. But you, the culture hunters could go to more exotic places. Like Sumba, for instance. It’s a diamond in the rough for Indonesian tourism. Sumba has beautiful beaches, indigenous culture, and it’s now the one of the hottest investments in Indonesia.

Here we list some places that you’ll definitely want to visit:

1. Central Java

The ancient Buddhist temple that time almost forgot and its Hindu’s counterpart are located here. It’s also home to the cultural capital of Indonesia and last bastion of Javanese culture: Yogyakarta.

Che Guevara in Borobudur, 1959

Che Guevara in Borobudur, 1959

2. Sumba

It has both the natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage only a remote tropical island could possess. Slowly but surely, Sumba opens its door to more travellers.


Sumba beach. Pic source:@01islands_sumba_real_estate

3. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat’s popularity among travellers, domestics and from abroad isn’t unmerited. The natural composition of black rocks, green trees, crystal clear water and vast sky it possesses is a visual feast of the grandest kind. Especially Diving in Rajat Ampat is an outstanding experience, but there are also many activities for Non-Divers on the islands.

Misool, Bukit Harfat

Misool, Bukit Harfat, Raja Ampat. Pic Source: @tripooke

4. Mentawai

It’s an every surfer’s dream. The waves. The remoteness. I won’t say a thing more lest I spoil your idea about Mentawai.

Sick wave at Mentawai

Sick wave at Mentawai. Courtesy @jaime_pombo

Those are four top places in Indonesia worth your time to visit that we feature in this Wonderful Indonesia series. You can find more info on each of them in our Guides Page. Stay tuned for other amazing places and experiences.


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