What to do in Bali when it's raining

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What to do in Bali When It’s Raining

28 Jan , 2016  

Well, your itineraries for the day were set. You just walked out of your vacation rental toward where the chauffeur was waiting when suddenly it started raining. Since all of your itineraries’ settings for the day were outdoor, you couldn’t help but to mutter some profanities.

The next day was the same. You saddled up your rented scooter when, after you pushed the ignition button,  you realized your scooter engine wasn’t the only thing that started.  Tiny drips of water started falling from the sky before shifted into a full-blown, heavy, tropical rain.

Welcome to Bali! Rainy season version, which, I bet, has a slight difference from Bali, post-card version.

Geography 101: As a tropical country, Indonesia has two seasons only, dry and wet. Bali is no exception to this. Dry season in Indonesia lasts from March to October and the rainy season, from October to March, give or take one month each season.

That’s in theory, however.

In reality, the climate has been acting a bit weird in the past few years (global warming anyone?). So weird, that even in December (2015), which is always the second wettest month after January since time long forgotten, I didn’t see much rain in Bali. Not until the next month did I see more rains, which brings me to the topic of this post.

Things to do in Bali when It’s Raining

This is the question a lot of tourists visiting Bali have asked in forums and social media. Nope. You won’t get the same things you can read in other blogs here. Forget about the boring stuffs. Here’s the real deal.

1.  It’s Gadget Time

You’re aware of how vicious people can be when they see you are so absorbed with your gadget while they expect you to enjoy the scenery (or whatever tourist traps you’re at). Now that those staring, judging eyes are gone, you can fully unleash your gadget-craving routines.

  • Try Appear.in. You can say goodbye to Skype now. Appear.in allows you to make a video conference up to 8 of your friends or family. And you don’t even need to install it. It’s as easy as open your browser to go to their page, generate a link and then send it to whoever you want to start a gossip-y, rainy, afternoon. Sunset? Pffft. What sunset?
  • Finish that level of whatever game you’re dying to try ever since you arrived on the island but too afraid to do it in fear of being seen as an ungrateful vacationer. Let-me-just-finish-this-one-level-arrrgghhh! The longer the rain, the better.
  • Check your *cough* Tinder, just to see what’s available in the market whether you can meet some interesting new people. You know. Nothing harmful. Keep it fun. Why-so-serious kind of thing.

2. Indoor Activities That Don’t Suck

  • You know that detective game the notification of which annoyingly keep showing up in your social media news feed? Escape Hunt is the real, life version of it and I think it can make up for your rainy day in Bali. It’s located in Banjar Semer, close to anywhere, from Seminyak or Canggu.
  • Karaoke. Everyone has his/her inner diva that needs to be set free. Sing. Dance. Head bang or do air guitar. Rain ain’t got **** on me! *Denzel mode on. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it back home. It’s still one of the most favorite past time in Indonesia. Find out to see why.
  • Rain is good for your appetite. So indulge yourself in all type of food hunt. Rainy season is no time for the healthy food. Jump right in at the most decadent you can find…it’s soooo good it’s bad but who cares? The Gu Guide’s girls suggested Be Chocolat, a cozy joint in Berawa area, a few hundred meters south of Canggu Club, while others suggested Creamery, an ice cream station by the road to Berawa Beach. Ice cream during the rain? Why not? If you have other places to suggest, be my guest to add in the comment below.

3. Read and Write

Travel is the perfect time to read or write or both. Check my other post about the books you should read while travelling.

As for writing, well, given that most people require a quiet environment while they write, why don’t you use it to write something up? And by something I don’t mean your Facebook status or Tweets. I bet Elizabeth Gilbert spent  more than one rainy day when finishing her chapter about Bali in Eat, Pray, Love.

4. The stuffs everyone else suggests and does while it’s raining in Bali:

Hit the mall, go to cinema, get pampered at the spa etc…You know, the basics.

And then of course there’s something else.

5. Be like the locals

So what do the locals do when it rains? They embrace it. It doesn’t even stop them from what they’re doing. Not even from driving their bikes, hence the colorful raincoats you see on the streets.

Rain is the giver of life for those born in the tropics. We love rain. Far from being regarded as gloomy and sad, it fills you up with this pleasant feeling so good you crave for something that gives you comfort, just so that you can enjoy that feeling more: reminiscing a sweet old memory, a cup of hot coffee (strong as death, sweet as love and black as hell), or taking a good nap. Nothing is more satisfying then to hit the pillow while the sound and the chill of the rain drift you off slowly and lull you to sleep. But that’s just me.

“In the rain, there’s a song that can only be heard by a yearning heart.”

So, start to listen to it.

Pic source: shokoshock.deviantart.com
Quote source: Yoana Dianika, Freely translated from Bahasa



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