Angkringan of Yogyakarta

13 Jan , 2016  

Angkringan (əNGk-krɪŋ-ən) is closely related to Yogyakarta. It’s how the Javanese called the wheeled stall used by the street food peddlers. They can be found easily on every corner of the street in Yogya. It’s so inseparable that even one Indonesian poet, and a Jogjanese,  Joko Pinurbo, wrote: “Yogya terbuat dari rindu, pulang dan angkringan.” […]


Indonesia Culture, Tourism

The Mythical Prambanan Temple

10 Sep , 2015  

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is an ancient Javanese Hindu’s candi in the outskirt of Yogyakarta. It’s the Hindus’ answer to the Buddhist’s Borobudur. Both temples were built at roughly the same time in 9th century; two mega projects just roughly 30 kilometers apart. One Buddhist, one Shivaite Hindu. Architectural Landscape of Prambanan Temple What is called Prambanan […]

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