Going to Nusa Lembongan

20 Nov , 2015  


One day in 2009, I had a meeting with one British fellow. We talked over a cup of delicious coffee at Bali Deli in Seminyak. I was a freelance property agent back then, and this guy wanted me to sell his piece of land located in Nusa Lembongan. That’s the first time the island caught […]

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A Place Called Mentawai

9 Oct , 2015  

Siberut Map

Not every traveler coming to Indonesia is only looking for a good time, nice weather, or cheap beers. Many come here for more specific purpose, namely ripping surfs and to be inked. Inked! As in get a new exotic tattoo that instantly gives you a bragging right to your homies back home. You see, Indonesia […]

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Sumba, Tourism

Surfing in Sumba

28 Aug , 2015  

The Wave at Nihiwatu, Sumba

This is Sumba. Imagine a place where crystal blue ocean greets the sandy beach with 12 feet waves, one after another. The sky is so high and wide with strands of white cloud hanging. You are a tiny dot in this picturesque vastness. You stand there, watching the waves as they roll out effortlessly and […]