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Sumba Hospitality Foundation

15 Dec , 2016  

Sumba Hospitality Foundation

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is located on the remote island of Sumba in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It was founded by Inge de Lathauwer and Aloysius Purwa (who also owns the Mario Hotel Sumba next to the hotel school). Their mission is to “Educate and help develop understanding for sustainability”. The development […]

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Wonderful Indonesia

20 May , 2016  

Weekuri Lake, Sumba, indonesia

Indonesia is wonderful and it isn’t just Bali. It’s more. Much more. Spanned east to west three-time-zones-wide, there’s a lot of places to see and visit; cultures and hospitality to enjoy; and, among those, places where your urge to stay is a lil’ bit stronger: a place to fall in love with. “To travel is […]

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Pasola: Bloody Harvest Ritual of Sumba

13 Oct , 2015  

Pasola Ceremony Sumba Indonesia

Until 100 years ago, headhunting was commonplace in Sumba. You can’t help but shiver remembering this fact as you stand with the crowd watching the extravagant Pasola ceremony of the Sumbanese. Among many things, the harvest ritual is also a reminder of West Sumba’s violent past, the closest thing you’ll ever get to the real […]


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Surfing in Sumba

28 Aug , 2015  

The Wave at Nihiwatu, Sumba

This is Sumba. Imagine a place where crystal blue ocean greets the sandy beach with 12 feet waves, one after another. The sky is so high and wide with strands of white cloud hanging. You are a tiny dot in this picturesque vastness. You stand there, watching the waves as they roll out effortlessly and […]


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Sumba Foundation, a vital player in Sumba

17 Aug , 2015  

Sumba foundation

The Sumba Foundation has been created by Claude Graves and Sean Downs in 2001. The main goals of this foundation was to help Sumbanese people in essential matters such as education, health, and water. Since Sumba remains one of the poorest island in Indonesia, probably due to its geographical remoteness amongst other things (it is located […]


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Keep Calm and Invest in Sumba (we did it)

14 Aug , 2015   Video


You may not know it but the Bedforest team is good friends with the people at 01islands, a Bali based group of investors that buys and sells real estate in Sumba island as well as develop some of its land. Hence a little presentation of Sumba. For those who still think Sumba is a dance let me copy-paste some wikipedia here: Sumba […]

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