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Solo Travel for Ladies? Why the Heck Not?

26 Jan , 2016  

In life, being alone does not mean you’re lonely. The same thing goes for travelling. Some, even argue that to go on solo travel is the best way to travel. The same thing cannot be said about being alone at a (supposedly) romantic dinner, however. That, I admit, is just sad.

Going on a solo travel means less luggage and less-headache. It also means that you’ll have plenty of time to be with yourself, with minimum (unnecessary) contacts to other persons.

Is that a good thing? Well, a valuable me-time is hard to come by, isn’t it? Solo travel guarantees you enough of that.

Let’s do this the old-school way of pros and cons:

Why You Should Do Solo Trip?

1. It’s the best way to travel. According to this article, this and this.

Nuff said.

2. No distractions from your fellow travellers.

No fights over what or where to eat is quite a huge incentive. Imagine having to repeat the arguing over and over in every place that you visit (and that’s just for food); it can quickly siphon the fun off your travel. It’s your trip your rule! You make the decision. Not others. You can set your own phase without adjusting to your travel mate.

3. Plenty of time to be with yourself.

Even if you’re the type who can’t stand yourself. (Seriously? If you can’t then who can?) It’s the time to be more acquainted with yourself. Maybe, the way you feel about yourself is only because you don’t know yourself good enough? This is definitely something that solo travel can change for you.

4. Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

Because in fact, you’ll meet new people to have conversation or exchange stories with (or even to have a romantic dinner! What about that, hm?) Even better, you don’t have to stick with them the whole duration of your travel. As a friend, who’s also a solo traveller, said to me. “Travel is about the people you’ll meet, not about yourself nor the one you travel with.”

5. The experience is more meaningful

Everything will be just more profound… Even the memories. All of that profundity is a wealth of meaning that you can have under your belt as a human being.

6. It’s empowering

If you can travel some 5000 miles away from home by yourself, visiting a place whose population doesn’t even speak the same language as yours, and while you’re there you have some wonderful experiences and useful lessons on life (or simply a hell of good time), you’re not the same person you were when you departed. You’re someone better.

When I asked the same friend whether solo travel makes her feel empowered… “If by empowered you mean gaining confidence and feeling more powerful, yes.” That’s what she said.  

“Travel is about the people you’ll meet, not about yourself nor the one you travel with.”

Angeline Chenu

7. You can just…go

You can just pack your bag and hit the road (or hike the sky) without having to wait for someone to be your travel companion. They may chicken-out in the last minute anyway (even after an arduous journey of arguing and going back and forth just to pick the date together).

Now, here comes the cons

Things That Can Elude You From Having a Solo Travel

1. It’s a scary idea

However, a friend suggests that it’s more of a challenge than a threat. Once you’re able to walk pass your own fear, it gets better. It’s closely related to the sense of empowerment above.

“That challenge is very exciting. And it’s such an interesting life lesson. It’s true that you have to take care of everything yourself, but you will feel so strong, so brave and so proud to see what you are able to do alone. You’ll discover a new side of your personality.”


Ok. Ok. Scratch the cons. It actually a pro after all! So, should I make this any more clearer?

What are you waiting for ladies? Pack your bag (and then halve your loads. Remember, no one else is gonna help you carry it) and go travel!



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