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7 Great Tips to Get Your Hotel or Vacation Rental Ready for Peak Season

7 May , 2016  

Bali Guesthouse owners know it. Lembongan Hotel managers know it. Every business activity experience some peaks and valleys! And while numerous variables play a role in these changes, seasonality remains the main factor influencing businesses activity. And no one experiences more the influence of seasonality than people working in the accommodation sector. They know a whole year’s income can rely on a couple of months’ benefits earned during the peak season. Check our main tips to prepare your property for this crucial season.

1. Hire new staff and train them before the peak season

Offseason staff turnover implies that you may need to hire new individuals in your team. And unfortunately for you, every fairly normal human being needs time to integrate processes and learn the ways your business works.

But all is not lost! Putting time and assets in a well-thought onboarding program will make you save training time and help your staff be rapidly ready for the peak season rush. Teach them the procedures and prepare them to give their best can only improve your business, especially during the high season, when mistakes make much more damage than ever.

2. Build up a strong tech base

Property management would be much harder without innovation and technology. So you should take time to consider your own property’s technology… It may be outdated!

Does your revenue management framework use an Open Pricing model? Does your property management system make it easier for your staff to handle everyday tasks, or is the system too complex? Do your computers still work?? Take a review of the latest innovations used by other hotels and resorts and analyze what can be improved in your business. Implementing the right software and hardware can help you survive the high season and make the most out of it.

property management system

State of the art Property Management System… in 1930 🙂

3. Keep the contact with previous visitors

Contact past visitors of your property through newsletters, social media, and other marketing tools like an emailing campaign. Customers’ fidelity is the most valuable treasure for people working in seasonable businesses. So keep the discussion going! Maintaining the contact ensures that they will remember you when planning their long-awaited holidays. Or when giving travel advice to some friends.

4. Fill up your booking calendar using flash deals

It is better to rent a room cheaper than to leave it empty! If you realize you have wholes in your booking calendar and that some of your rooms are left vacant, try to attract customers with special promo deals. And remember that the more conversion you have on your website, the better you rank on the search engines… and the more future clients you’ll get.

Flash Deals on Bedforest

Flash Deals on Bedforest

5. Know your neighbourhood events calendar

Property chiefs and staff are always aware of the big events occurring in their neighbourhood. Good! But sometimes they overlook the smaller events that could still represent business opportunities. Taking some time to prospect in the neighborhood events calendar could bring you new clients. Every hobby and leisure activity have their meet-ups and convention. Make friend with their organizer!

6. Prepare yourself to deal with the stress of the rush… and avoid burnout

Do yoga, start running, learn meditation or find yourself a good masseur! Anything that can help you relax and take the stress away. Only fifteen minutes of exercise every day can help you be more focused and efficient in your work.

7. And get ready for next year!

When the peak season is in full swing, exploit the high traffic in your property and on your website to develop your contacts database. Install call-to-action button on your website to offer your guests to subscribe to a newsletter or to be part of a fidelity program. It will help you maintain the contact during the low season and get customers for next year!


There are plenty more great ways to increase sales of your hotel or vacation rental during peak season. Registering to Bedforest (for free) is one of them of course 😉
Feel free to share some of your own with us in the comment section below.

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