Pokémon Go travellers, hotels will catch’em all!

29 Jul , 2016  

Throw Pokéballs and catch’em all!

Catching Pokémons in Indonesia like a Bulbasaur in Sumba or a Gyarados in Raja Ampat? What!? If you were on earth last week with a good internet connection you can’t have missed the Pokémon Go phenomenon. In case you were somewhere in space let me just set the context.

Pokémon Go is a new application launched by the giant Nintendo and the startup Niantic (coming straight from Google’s incubator). Basically, you just play the good old Pokémon in augmented reality. Yes, your 7 year-old dream came  true. Now Pokémons are caught in real life! Through geolocalisation, players can spot them on a map and walk until they are close enough to catch them. Thanks to the phone camera, the Pokémon appears in front of you. I’m sure you remember the way Ash was doing: throwing Pokéballs and catch’em all!


Already more users on Pokémon Go than Tinder

This real life size Pokémon hunt has quickly become viral. Everyone is touched, from nowadays kids to nostalgic 30 years old who kept their childish mind. In five days, the game already had more users than Tinder. A revolution? For sure! And we’re not far from talking about a touristic revolution as well.

How could a simple game impact tourism, would you ask? Well Pokémon Go really created a new way to visit a city. Players have to wander around to find Pokéstops –  places where they can gain bonuses – or Arenas that are represented by symbols. The game is literally about discovering what surrounds you and exploring more and more places in order to catch as many Pokémons as possible. A new kind of travel guide is born! The one that makes even the geekiest leave his den. Restaurants, coffee places or even hotels take advantage of this new obsession. “We have rare Pokémons here! ” is now a catching motto and gamers are a profitable yet unexplored target for the touristic industry.


Restaurants try to attract Pokémon Go players

Hotel bookings have been tremendously increasing

The addiction is so strong that people don’t hesitate to travel to catch Pokémons: in Sokcho, the only South Korean town where the game is available, hotel bookings have been multiplied by 4 in a few days.

So why not come to Indonesia to complete the hunt with Staryu in Canggu and Snorlax in Lombok? Rice fields, jungles and beaches are perfect hiding places for legendary Pokémons. In our country, the Pokémon Go community is one of the strongest in the world, as well as one of the most active in South-East Asia. It has even been created before the launch of the game!


Travellers catch Pokémons, hotels will catch players


Isn’t Indonesia the best place to find Legendary Pokemons?

So, if gamers become tourists in order to catch Pokémons, hotels should develop strategies to catch players! What about organising Pokémon Go travel tours for gamer tourists? Especially those from countries that can’t have the game yet (China, South-Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand or many countries in Europe). From an amazing temple in Borobudur to the nicest beach, the quest to become the best Pokémon trainer in Indonesia is almost without limits.

As most of players are willing to meet each others, we can already imagine how successful it would be to organise meetings between foreign players and local ones. Exchange of tips on where to find rarer Pokémons, swaps or even battles, there are many advantages for Pokémon lovers to be reunited in real life. Of course all of them will need an accomodation to rest after their battle for the appropriation of the best arena in Bali. With this phenomenon Bedforest might become Indonesia’s  first Pokécenter!


In some Bedforest properties you might have surprises…

>> Catch rare Pokémon now! <<

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