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Indonesia: Golden Rules For Travellers

30 Dec , 2015  

Golden Rules for Travellers

Yes, it’s “your trip, your rule” kinda thing, but be a traveller doesn’t mean you are free from all rules. Some of them will guarantee more enjoyable adventures if you follow them closely. I’m talking about the golden rules for travellers here. There may be different versions and variations, but they refer to the same […]

Indonesia Culture

Indonesian Volcanoes

28 Dec , 2015  

As part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia has a fair share of active volcanoes, stretching from Sumatra, Java, the Nusa Tenggara and part of Sulawesi. The fiery ring somehow excluded Kalimantan and Papua altogether. There are 35 active volcanoes in Sumatra, 45 in Java and around 30 in Nusa tenggara. The rests are […]



A Digital Nomad in Bali

22 Dec , 2015  

As the title suggests, this post is about being a digital nomad in Bali, and will become an expanding post on that subject. *** I was this close (imagine me gesturing a tiny space using my thumb and index finger) from working for “Google”. Why the quote marks? That’s me referring to the difference between […]

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Going to Nusa Lembongan

20 Nov , 2015  


One day in 2009, I had a meeting with one British fellow. We talked over a cup of delicious coffee at Bali Deli in Seminyak. I was a freelance property agent back then, and this guy wanted me to sell his piece of land located in Nusa Lembongan. That’s the first time the island caught […]

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Tips for Hosts

The Extra Miles Required to be an Outstanding Host

13 Nov , 2015  

How to be a good outstanding host

The extra miles required to be an outstanding host. Online travel agency is on the rise by hitching on the sharing economy truck. Gone are the days when guests rely solely on hotel rooms availability when looking for a place to stay. Travelers are preferring something that resembles home more than anything these days. Read […]


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Books You Should Read When Traveling

9 Nov , 2015  

Book and Traveling

When I first arrived in Bali, some 8 years ago, I had with me an old copy of James Clavell’s Shogun. It was my only book during my one month stay here with my then girlfriend. I would read it anytime she and I weren’t strolling around Legian and Kuta (I know, I know, we […]


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Traveling in Mobile Age

6 Nov , 2015  


Many things changed since mobile technology emerged. Information reach its target in torrential speed. Faster than ever. Human interactions are affected in so many ways. One of which is similar to what train once did to human culture; it affects greatly the way people travel. Train was the first mass transportation and it used to […]




4 Nov , 2015  

Get Inspired. Be Original. Show your Creativity.   For the first time, Bedforest holds a photo contest. Anyone with social media can join. USD1000 to win! The rules are simple: Follow @Bedforest on Instagram,¬†Facebook or Twitter Write “Bedforest” anywhere, anyhow and take a picture. Post your picture using #Bedforestcontest.   Terms: Contest closes Monday 14th […]

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Events, Indonesia Culture

Pasola: Bloody Harvest Ritual of Sumba

13 Oct , 2015  

Pasola Ceremony Sumba Indonesia

Until 100 years ago, headhunting was commonplace in Sumba. You can’t help but shiver remembering this fact as you stand with the crowd watching the extravagant Pasola ceremony of the Sumbanese. Among many things, the harvest ritual is also a reminder of West Sumba’s violent past, the closest thing you’ll ever get to the real […]



A Place Called Mentawai

9 Oct , 2015  

Siberut Map

Not every traveler coming to Indonesia is only looking for a good time, nice weather, or cheap beers. Many come here for more specific purpose, namely ripping surfs and to be inked. Inked! As in get a new exotic tattoo that instantly gives you a bragging right to your homies back home. You see, Indonesia […]

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