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Nyepi Day: What to do in Bali

26 Feb , 2016  

Nyepi, On the Sky

Nyepi is the most sacred day of the year for Bali-Hindunese. It marks the Balinese New Year. Roll the old and rock the new…Nyepi 2016 falls on Wednesday, March 9. Unlike other cultures where New Year is often marked with festivities, Nyepi is celebrated in utter silence and darkness. But yes…not before a helluva organized […]

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Bali Startups Community

4 Feb , 2016  

Bali Startups Community by Bedforest

Bali is a fast growing startup ecosystem. Coinciding with the advent of digital nomadism, more founders, local and international, have started to set their startup HQ in Bali. Everyone knows that bootstrapping is essential to keep your startup lean and uncluttered in its initial phases. The comparatively cheap living cost in Bali, from eating to […]

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Bali From Above

1 Feb , 2016   Video

Bali is beautiful. No doubt about that. Its beauty has been distilled into people’s memory and postcards since Walter Spies’ days. But even those who’ve visited Bali and fall in love with it couldn’t fully grasp to what extent that beauty goes. Sometimes, to find that out, what you need to do is to set […]


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What to do in Bali When It’s Raining

28 Jan , 2016  

What to do in Bali when it's raining

Well, your itineraries for the day were set. You just walked out of your vacation rental toward where the chauffeur was waiting when suddenly it started raining. Since all of your itineraries’ settings for the day were outdoor, you couldn’t help but to mutter some profanities. The next day was the same. You saddled up […]


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Solo Travel for Ladies? Why the Heck Not?

26 Jan , 2016  

Solo Travel for Ladies

In life, being alone does not mean you’re lonely. The same thing goes for travelling. Some, even argue that to go on solo travel is the best way to travel. The same thing cannot be said about being alone at a (supposedly) romantic dinner, however. That, I admit, is just sad. Going on a solo […]


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How to Get More Bookings?

25 Jan , 2016  

How to get more bookings

How to get more bookings? This is the frequent question every host in every online booking system asks to him/herself. There’s no sure way on how to achieve this. However, there are common practices that, if applied right, can significantly better your chances toward getting more bookings. Not a host, yet? Maybe you should consider […]

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Indonesia and Sharing Economy

22 Jan , 2016  

Sharing Economy in Indonesia

I found the following story in the Internet. It’s an English version of a very popular joke in Bahasa, popularized by some people who are disgruntled with Soeharto’s regime in the past (1966-1998), but were too afraid to speak their mind openly for fear of the consequences. Once upon a time, God was smiling with […]


Angkringan of Yogyakarta

13 Jan , 2016  

Angkringan (əNGk-krɪŋ-ən) is closely related to Yogyakarta. It’s how the Javanese called the wheeled stall used by the street food peddlers. They can be found easily on every corner of the street in Yogya. It’s so inseparable that even one Indonesian poet, and a Jogjanese,  Joko Pinurbo, wrote: “Yogya terbuat dari rindu, pulang dan angkringan.” […]



The Age of Travel Blog, Slow Travel and Deep Sonder

7 Jan , 2016  

Travel Blog Slow Travel and Deep Sonder

There are one billion search results if you type “travel blog” in Google today, Jan 5, 2016. This number is likely to increase in the future, especially with the emerging wanderlust “epidemic” among the Millenials. Seeing that number, you can’t help but wondering if the epidemic is real. And it’s growing. As such, this is […]

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Post-Tourism: A Road Less Travelled By

4 Jan , 2016  

Post-tourism: Road Less Travelled

Post-tourism is what the the mobile age brings to the travelling world. It’s a by-product of technology rather than tourism industry. Like everything else, travel and tourism industry is simply adapting and reshaping itself as the world shrinks to the size of a smartphone screen. Post-tourism was impossible 20 years ago. The story of people […]

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