Indonesia Travel Market in 2025

30 May , 2016  

Indonesia travel market will grow at 18% per year (CAGR/compounding growth rate) until 2025. From $5 billion in 2015,  it will be worth $24.5 billion by 2025, consolidating its dominance in South East Asia, as confirmed by Tnooz. That’s one thing Google and Temasek revealed in their joint-forecast on South East Asia economy published on […]

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Why You Should Be a Host (on Bedforest)

24 May , 2016  

Why you should be a host in Bedforest

Yes. You heard that right. Here, I will explain why you should be a host on Bedforest, in the emergence of the sharing economy. *** A Little Background: Be the First, the Best or just Be Different or Why Bedforest is an Online Booking Service Instead of Something Else. It’s every entrepreneur and startuper’s dream […]


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How Can I Help Others While Travelling?

23 May , 2016  

How to help others while travelling

“How can I help others while travelling?” You know what I mean if you have travelled a lot. This was probably the most repeated question you asked yourself during your travels other than, “Where should I eat tonight?” There’s a reason for that question. (The first one. Not the second) Helping each other is hard-wired […]

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Sumbawa Most Instagrammable Landscapes

23 May , 2016  


While travelling in Indonesia you already visited Bali and Lombok and now you feel like spending a couple of days on a wilder island. Then Sumbawa is your next destination! This is a selection of the best pictures you can find for #sumbawa on Instagram. Open you eyes and get your backpack ready! Sumbawa Beach in […]

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Wonderful Indonesia

20 May , 2016  

Weekuri Lake, Sumba, indonesia

Indonesia is wonderful and it isn’t just Bali. It’s more. Much more. Spanned east to west three-time-zones-wide, there’s a lot of places to see and visit; cultures and hospitality to enjoy; and, among those, places where your urge to stay is a lil’ bit stronger: a place to fall in love with. “To travel is […]

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Tips for Hosts

Content Marketing for Vacation Rentals

16 May , 2016  

content marketing for vacation rentals

How to apply content marketing for vacation rentals? Read on to see what you can do, but first thing first, what is content marketing? Content marketing is the new “it” word in online world. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain […]

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Surf Trip To Bali, 8 Tips To Get Ready

12 May , 2016  


How about a surf trip to Bali? When talking about « the Island of the Gods » we all think : warm water, big waves,  epic parties, breathtaking landscapes… But before heading the surf Mecca, here are some tips to prepare your first visit to Bali. Free tourist visa The visa regulation in Bali is constantly evolving. Better consult […]

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Tips for Hosts

Booking abandonment, how to get over it ?

11 May , 2016  


Let’s picture it this way: every visitor surfing on a website is actually living a whole digital journey before eventually booking the vacation rental of his dreams. There is indeed a big gap between the first look at the website and the actual checking out. Building a bridge to link these two steps to avoid booking abandonment might […]

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7 Great Tips to Get Your Hotel or Vacation Rental Ready for Peak Season

7 May , 2016  

peak season hotel crowd

Bali Guesthouse owners know it. Lembongan Hotel managers know it. Every business activity experience some peaks and valleys! And while numerous variables play a role in these changes, seasonality remains the main factor influencing businesses activity. And no one experiences more the influence of seasonality than people working in the accommodation sector. They know a whole […]

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SEO for Vacation Rentals

23 Mar , 2016  

SEO for vacation rentals

SEO for vacation rentals. Is it important? The answer to that question is yes. In the most simple term, SEO or search engine optimization is just a way to get organic and “natural” traffics to a website…in this case, your vacation rental booking site, by the mean of search engine, like Google. “Why, you said […]

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