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No more KITAS?

25 Aug , 2015  

The hottest news in the expats world of Indonesia is that the government soon will revoke KITAS requirement for foreign workers.

In recent cabinet meeting, President Joko Widodo (pictured above) reportedly said that he will scrap everything that comes in the way of creating conducive climate for investors.

Along with KITAS requirement, the requirement for expats to be able to speak Bahasa becomes the target too.

The news is accepted with mixed reactions. Expats rejoice. KITAS has been a pain in the neck for them: the long and tedious process to get and renew it, the VISA run to Singapore (or any other country), and  all the shenanigans that sometimes send them brimming in hopelessness. Who wouldn’t be glad that this is going to be over? No more news of deportations?

Some politicians and workers’ activists see this as a catastrophe, however. Calling this move unnecessary and unpatriotic. Mastering the mother tongue of the country in which you’re working is the rule of thumb in many nations. So, what gives?

Seems to me that Mr. Jokowi has a lot to explain regarding this. Otherwise, this new move will be seen as a desperate attempt to get investors by sacrificing local workers. The activists think that such revisions will affect Indonesian workers more. KITAS is a leverage to slow down the rate at which company hire foreign workers. It ensures Indonesian worker to stay competitive. This could hypothetically end that competitiveness.

Indeed, Mr. Jokowi has a lot to account for ahead of him. Including, but not limited to, what he really means. Scrapping the requirements completely or merely doing revision? Because at this point it’s still not clear.

Let’s wait and see.

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  2. M_C says:

    Can someone tell me one country (where someone would actually want to go and live) where “mastering the mother tongue” is expected of expats? English is the de facto global language, and expats will most definitely self-select out if there were an onerous language requirement.

    • Lt. U says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t do it. it is just that easy. I saw some expats who stay in Thailand, they are speaking Thai. Expats in Bali, they are speaking Indonesian and Balinese language very well.

    • Debbie says:

      Turkey is one of the country that you asked for. In Turkey .. you Able to speak Turkish the better and it’s almost same with Indonesian new rules for all expat.

    • Alien in earth says:

      I’m indonesian living in France, learning French is a MUST !! so yes if you want to live In Indonesia you MUST learn Bahasa even if you are not mastering !! English is Global for TOURIST not for resident !!!

  3. mangomango says:

    Poorly written article, based much on the opinion of the writer. With that said, most Indonesians lack the educational requirements to maintain positions in the western realm of commonplace. It also means Indonesians would have to master English professionally, by writing and reading. The requirement is reciprocal. The treasures and opportunities of Indonesia have existed for the locals to capitalize from for decades, it is the educational fundamentals they lack in order to serve the western world of business as an employee or leader of a company. Thank God for the foreigner arriving in Indonesia, we have given the local an opportunity to exist in their dysfunctional country.

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