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Nias Best Surf Video (Sumatra)

8 Aug , 2016   Video

Surfing Nias, the wild Indonesian world class spot

Nias is the first world class wave discovered in the Sumatra region. Every surfer on this planet knows the perfect right-hander at Lagundri Bay. Who wouldn’t want to rider perfect consistent waves in the middle of the jungle with the feeling of being at the edge of the world? Diego Santos gave it a try, the result is breathtaking!


Surf and jungle, the ingredients to heaven!

A touch of culture about Nias island

Nias tribe is one of the indigenous tribes that still lives like their ancestors following  customs and culture in the current modern era. Nias people are known for the “Berperangnya” culture, often compared to Spartan and Mongol warriors. In the past the warriors were fighting desperately to defend their territory and prepare their people to a great war that could occur anytime. Today it is still possible to assist to the “Fahombo” ritual. This used to be a rite of passage and has now become a touter attraction because unique in the world. They jump over a 2 meters high wall with a thickness of 40 cm.


Fahombo, the “jump stone”

How to get there?

The island is known, but mainly from surfers and adventurous tourists. You have different possibilities to get there. The easiest way is to take the three 3 flights: Jakarta > Medan > Nias


The second possibility is if you are already in Sumatra. You need to reach Singkil or Sibolga and jump in a boat to Gunung Sitoli or Teluk Dalam.

Special bonus:  For surfers eager to ride the very best waves in Indonesia head to Asu island! This small island close to Nias will surprise you by its beauty. Our partner Puri Asu Resort edited a video that will make you want to visit the island for sure!

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