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New Bali in Indonesia, what the heck is that!?

21 Jul , 2016  

The Indonesian Government wants to welcome more foreign tourists

New Bali in Indonesia? The Indonesian Government wants to speed up new touristic destinations in the country. In mid-July Indonesia already welcomed 6.9 million foreign tourists. This is the result of a favorable policy from the Indonesian Government which opened free visas to 169 countries.

Indonesia is now recognised as a worldwide must-go destination for tourists. The numerous islands indeed provide many possibilities for travellers eager to explore unique sites such as Borobudur – the beautiful remnant of Java’s past glory – or world-class scuba diving spots with crystal blue water and incredible amounts of colourful fishes like in Raja Ampat.


Raja Ampat

The world’s largest archipelago has major touristic assets helping to reach a steady growth of foreign tourists over years. But despite those continuous improvements, Indonesia still remains behind its close neighbours Malaysia and Singapore. The 2015 report of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) shows that while Indonesia welcomed 9.4 million foreign tourists in 2014, Malaysia welcomed a total of 27.4 million and Singapore 11.8 million.

Indonesia is about to welcome more foreign tourists than Singapore

When considering that Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy and has innumerable perfect places to develop a touristic activity, the country still has a huge potential ahead to exploit. Realising this the Indonesian Government has implemented a favorable policy to drastically stimulate tourism on the territory. The ambitious target is to reach 20 million foreign tourists by 2019. Following this initiative, important investments on new infrastructures, accessibility and hygiene have been done already. In addition to this an international campaign named “Wonderful Indonesia” has been set up and visa-free access for 169 countries since March 2016.

Results of these improvements and opening measures are already visible. In mid-July 2016 Indonesia has recorded at least 6.9 million arrivals of foreign tourists. In 2015 this level was reached only in October. If we take a look at June 2014 and 2016 we can see there has been a +30% evolution. By the end of 2016 it is expected to reach more than 11 million foreign tourists.

Nonetheless, “The figure is still far from our target of 20 million [foreign] tourists per year, but I believe the number will increase in the future,” said Immigration Directorate General spokesman Heru Santoso quoted by “I think the promotion campaign still needs to be intensified,” he said.

The solution relies on creating a new Bali

To reach the goal of 20 million foreign tourists, the Indonesian Government aims at accelerating the development of touristic destinations that have the potential of new “Balis”:


Wakatobi – Sea Turtle

Improving infrastructures to multiply highly touristic destinations all over Indonesia is now the strategy of the Indonesian Government. Along with the increase of foreign tourists, finding accommodations will be a major point to take into consideration. This is the reason why is working hard everyday to fin the best hotels and villas all over Indonesia, especially in remote regions like Sumba or Raja Ampat.

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