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Negative reviews, positive for your business?

21 Jun , 2016  

Negative reviews might unfortunately appear at the same time as booking increase during peak season. But no worries! No one is immune to this and there are many ways to overcome what might look like an obstacle at first sight. First hint, this has to do with monitoring your online image! In order to help you cope with this we’ve gathered a couple of crucial advice.

How can negative reviews be good for your business?

A study from TripAdvisor showed that 93% of visitors make their final booking choice after reading reviews. According to a research from Econsultancy, negative reviews are indeed preferable for businesses than no reviews at all. Taking the time to answer the review is actually the key. It might even become positive for your business as it shows your reactiveness and your opening to feedback to improve. It will also give you an image of authenticity. A study from Reevoo (social commerce company) found that 30% of shoppers were suspicious of a business that didn’t show any negative review. Word-of-mouth still remains an essential technique that will help you secure visitors.

So keep in mind to pay attention to reviews in order to be reactive by answering them as quickly as possible. Visitors leave feedbacks on many OTAs like Bedforest, social media and your own website when you previously created a dedicated page for it. Make sure to regularly allocate time to check and react to reviews. For a good start have a quick look at Google to see what comes out about your property name. Once you find your routine, it doesn’t take much time to check this.

The Best Ways To Answer Negative Reviews

Stay welcoming and diplomatic. It might sometimes seem hard, but this is a major point. Why? Because it isn’t only about the reviewer and you, anybody can see the review. Answering by solving the problem with calm will show your positive attitude toward your customers. It also demonstrates a step forward the trade aspect in your client relationship.

Answering is the answer, not over-compensating. Complaining is a natural reaction when there is a problem. Giving a clear explanation with expertise will fix it once and for all. Try not to feel the need to systematically offer a coupon or markdown. This can really push toward more negative audits. Instead, use this opportunity to create commitment with the visitor who will feel respected.

Give human input to your brand. Be yourself, willing to help and honest. Stay professional in the way you communicate and do not fall into the too formal. Be the expert and use humour to make your message more human and nicer to read. Give customised answers to every single review, addressing the visitor by his name. This demonstrates you pay close attention (which may have an effect in the purchasing decision). For potential guests, your open reaction to a negative review will leave a positive impression, regardless its content. In that way, negative input offers an incredible chance to advertise your brand image!

On Bedforest you can leave a reviews on your stay and references on members you know. Don’t hesitate to write us a review on our Facebook page as well, we will gladly respond to it!


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