Must-have apps when travelling in Indonesia

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Must-Have Apps When Visiting Indonesia

9 Jun , 2016  

If you’re going to travel in Indonesia, the following must-have apps will save you a lot of trouble during your stay here.

But, a little background first.

As the 4th biggest market in the world for mobile technology, Indonesia is definitely no stranger to smartphones. From iPhones to the latest Android-based smartphones, there is a strong presence within the Indonesian population. With a projected number of 103 Million smartphones users in 2017, Indonesia is on its way to become a huge marketplace for smartphones and, by proxy, app makers.

Must-Have Apps When Visiting Indonesia




WhatsApp Logo, Must-Have Apps in Indonesia

A popular app with a billion+ users, WhatsApp is the weapon of choice for many in Indonesia. Forget everything else, this is a communication app you should use while staying in Indonesia. WhatsApp will ease all of your communication need, from contacting your local host, set a rendezvous with your rental driver or to reach out to your local friends in times of need. They will surely have WhatsApp on their phone.

Trivia: The best thing about WhatsApp in Indonesia is the really short time it takes from sending your chat message to the time the recipient actually reads it. Why? Because most likely the recipient is already on WhatsApp, deeply engaged in a mundane or silly discussions in his/her ex-highschool’s chat group. That’s what happened to me anyway.



Second Contender: Line

Except its function as a messaging service, Line also offers a video chat function that is easier to set up than Skype.

On-Demand Services



Gojek, Must-Have Apps in Indonesia

Gojek UI


This local on-demand service is widely popular, not only because they can offer a low price point, but also because of their versatility in giving you a wide range of services. Transport, delivery service and even on-demand shopping, they cover them all. They can indeed take you to the next party spot, deliver your lunch and buy printer ink for your office.

Starting this year, they even offer the Go-Car service, following the path of Uber and Grab and challenge them all at once in this particular niche.



Uber Logo, Must-Have Apps in Indonesia

The first of its kind. It has faced several problems in Indonesia. First, from the regulation, and second, from the resistance of local drivers, for example in Bali, where sign of No Uber and no Grab can easily be found in every corner of a banjar.



A ride-sharing app. Same like Uber

No Uber No Grab, Sign in Bali, Must-Have Apps in Indonesia

No Uber, No Grabp” sign in Bali

 Grab Taxi




Waze+Google Map


Getting lost, although it can be a promise of yet another exciting adventure, is sometimes not cool, especially when it happens on your way to a friend’s party.

Enter Waze and Google Map, the combination of both can help you navigate even the after-office hours of Bali.


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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for that article!

    However, in my opinion it would be relevant to also add the beloved Instagram application.
    It’s a great way to get new ideas of places to see, food to try or events to attend.
    Almost every restaurant and bar owns a incredible Instagram account (in Bali at least).

    Hope you agree, @Dion.

  2. Agree with you Angeline, however, Instagram kinda already in everyone’s phone, no?

  3. […] who could be a psychopath in the place you don’t know. That is unless you’re ordering Go-Jek. (I know, I know, that psychopath thing is a tad too much. But you get my […]

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