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Keep Calm and Invest in Sumba (we did it)

14 Aug , 2015   Video

You may not know it but the Bedforest team is good friends with the people at 01islands, a Bali based group of investors that buys and sells real estate in Sumba island as well as develop some of its land.
Hence a little presentation of Sumba.
For those who still think Sumba is a dance let me copy-paste some wikipedia here:

Sumba (Indonesian: Pulau Sumba) is an island in eastern Indonesia, is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba has an area of 11,153 km2, and the population was 656,259 at the 2010 Census. To the northwest of Sumba is Sumbawa, to the northeast, across the Sumba Strait (Selat Sumba), is Flores, to the east, across the Savu Sea, is Timor, and to the south, across part of the Indian Ocean, is Australia. (more here)

Ok? Done? Good.

There are a million things that could be said about this amazing island dubbed recently “the next Bali” but let’s just enjoy the video for today. I’ll come back on Sumba in other articles later.

You may want to read more about it, on an investor standpoint though: 01islands Sumba Real Estate and check out their available lands for sale portfolio.
Real Estate still being very affordable  over there, anyone can become the proud owner of an amazing white sand beach.

If you go there on holiday or to check out some land, here is a list of some good hotels in Sumba.

Feel free to contact 01islands and let them know you come from Bedforest, you might get a free key-ring or more 😉

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