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No tigers in pools and other insider tips for hosts

16 Aug , 2015  

It’s quite clear from chatting with villa or apartment owners here in Bali that those who have real success with their rentals have more returning guests and fewer issues with problem renters.
What do they do that sets them apart from the rest of the competition? Why is it that some properties achieve higher occupancy rates over a longer period of time?

There seem to be some common factors that contribute to greater success so here’s some tips to kickstart your rental season and help you attract more rentals.
Some of these are first hand experience as we, at Bedforest, used to have villas for rent too ūüėČ

1) Sell what you really have, not what you wish you had

no star hotel

I know you love your home and think it’s the world of it but keep in mind that most other renters do. Be honest in the description you make of it when marketing it. What you write about your place should reflect the truth, nothing more. Better a good surprise than a disappointment.
No big deal if you don’t own a 5 star luxury villa. Emphasise what you think is great about your place. Talk about the coziness of it, the nice neighbourhood it lays in…
Most guest are kind human beings who understand imperfection however hate when being lied to.

2) Pictures Pictures Pictures

photo tips for hosts

We’ll never say it enough, great pictures are everything.
A photographer is not you with a camera. A photographer is someone whose job it is to take pictures!
You just got this super professional looking Canon 5D last Christmas and think you can give legendary Ansel Adams a run for his money.
Well I hope you right but the odds are… you probably aren’t.
There are plenty of good photographers with proper equipment in Indonesia that will take superb pictures of your little haven. We recommend you use them. It’s worth it, you won’t regret it. Small investment, high yields.
Let the pros do their work.

Now if you really don’t have a choice, here are a few tips:
– learn the basics of photography (just type that in Google)
– wide-angle is a must-use in most indoor shots.
– photography is not only about clicking on what you see but also about making what you shoot look good: arrange the setting, make it look nice.
– don’t leave stuff hanging around like towels, floor mat, broom, etc…
– Important: switch all the lights on.
– clean your garden, no dead leaves on the grass.
– no human beings in villa shots. Your mother is not a mermaid, get her out of the pool (the same goes for your wife)
– etc…

We’ll come back to that in another article but remember that there is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
Hey I didn’t say that, Ansel Adams did.

3) Go that extra mile with your guests, they deserve it.

Welcome drinks

Small attentions can go a long way.
When your guests arrive, don’t just toss them the keys and leave. You are in the hospitality business, be hospitable.
Welcome drinks are greatly appreciated as usually guests come from a long journey and chances are they didn’t have anything to drink from before their plane started its descent. That’s a good 2 hours at least.
Talk to them.
Is it their first visit? Do they know their way around? Give them a few tips. That restaurant serves a great nasi goreng, have you heard of it? Let me help you with renting a bike, I know a¬†guy who gives me good rates. Check if one of the guest have a birthday. Are they here on honeymoon? And so on and so forth…
Be available during their stay. See that they don’t need anything. Available I said, not intrusive!

4) No tigers in the pool

Yes there used to be tigers living in the wild in Bali. That’s no reason to put some in your pool.
However if you want to know more about them, check the Bali tiger article on wikipedia.

That’s all folks… Do all of the above and more and believe me guys, you’ll get that extra star on your next Bedforest¬†¬†review later.

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