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How Can I Help Others While Travelling?

23 May , 2016  

“How can I help others while travelling?” You know what I mean if you have travelled a lot. This was probably the most repeated question you asked yourself during your travels other than, “Where should I eat tonight?”

There’s a reason for that question. (The first one. Not the second)

Helping each other is hard-wired to our genetics as social beings. That’s why it’s easy for us to extend our hand to those in need. It doesn’t matter if the ones you help is someone you know or a complete stranger. Something inside you is always compelled to do something…to help. It’s always easy to help, and it becomes easier when we have the means: a good advice, time or money to spare, a pair of good hands. You name it…

However, having the means doesn’t equal with knowing how to help, especially in a place that is as foreign to you as the language of its people to your ears.

You see, as a traveller, you see things along your journeys; things that make that question pop in your head. It’s like a brain itch of some sorts that wouldn’t stop until you do something about it. It’s a pity that many have failed to act just because there’s no clear manual on how they can offer their help.

That question becomes more important when you factor the significant numbers of travellers like you in the world.  In fact, in 2014, there were 1,1 Billion of travellers/tourists in the world according to UNWTO. With four percent (4%) growth each year as they forecast, those numbers have easily grown into more or less eight percent (8%) in 2016. This significant growth is fueled by the fact that travel has become a lifestyle for many (Well, that, and direct flights from China to be exact). People do ditch their job and leave their country in exchange of freedom that travel proffers.

Digital nomads are one result of the travel-as-a-lifestyle phenomena. It is what you get when IT literate generation embarks at seemingly the same time to travel from one place to another. Not only it challenges the core concept of working, but it also precipitate that concept to become obsolete.

If you can work from abroad where the sun always shines instead of in a cubicle in a dim lit or an overly bright room,  sitting on a nice sofa bed by the beach instead of the boring working chair that always squeaks when you sit on it,  drinking your beers/fresh coconut/refreshing cocktail (pick either one) when you work instead of missing lunch because your supervisor won’t allow you, then you must be crazy to choose the latter.

It’s safe to say that further growth in the number of travellers can be expected, driven by the growth of this group alone.

If you take the numbers into consideration, one can assume that no help is too insignificant no matter how small.  Dig this. If each and everyone of those who travelled in 2014 could spare a dollar and pooled it somewhere, we would have $ 1,1 Billion. Just like that. And remember, those numbers of travellers are increasing.

In the meantime, let’s get back to this:

However, having the means doesn’t equal with knowing how to help, especially in a place that is as foreign to you as the language of its people to your ears.

That represents a problem that needs to be solved.  It commands a new way of travelling; something more ethical and purposeful and not just a catalyst of your accumulated boredom and burnouts in whichever place you’re from.

That’s why we at Bedforest created a concept that enables travellers to contribute to the society with the easiest way possible: by donating to charity.

All they have to do is just to select a charity during the booking process and Bedforest will take care of the rest.

It’s as simple as ABCD.

Why Indonesia?

We picked Indonesia not only because this is where our headquarter is located. Indonesia is a beautiful country that needs all the help it can get in terms of educational, healthcare, environmental and infrastructural supports outside the government programs.

Many non-governmental organizations/institutions have been established  to serve those needs, and these guys need as many help and support to be able to do what they’re doing because more often than not, donation is the only thing that keep their engines running.

We offer our service as an extended hand for them to get donations other than the usual channels they have.

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen

And Indonesia is a place for all of that, obviously.

Bedforest isn’t one of a kind (we’d love to). Scores of startups have based their service around the same value: helping others by utilizing existing NGOs. Meaning? It’s a sound concept. More and more people believe in this cause: doing something good while travelling.

Embracing that value, we’re able to turn the wheel of do-good-things as early as the booking process, weeks or even months before you even set foot on your destination.

With time, this will lead to a different breed of modern travellers. While we can already see eco-tourism and all kinds of responsible and ethical travelling take place, we’re yet to see the impacts in a satisfactory level.

There are so much more to be done and a whole lot of possibilities to explore.

We, at Bedforest have started our own. What about you?

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Get lost out there and do good


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