Five Things You Never Knew You Can Do in Ubud

18 Aug , 2015  

Well, believe it or not, I live in Bali, but I’ve never actually visited Ubud. I live in Canggu. (Yeah. I know). Visit. As in spending couple of days there instead of just passing by like I did years ago when I took my family to Kintamani just to be scandalized by our Trunyan tour guide (He put the boat engine off at the middle of the lake). My momma is never going to be the same again.

I know, I know. I’m stalling.

Ok. So, if I were to write about ‘5 things you never knew you can do in Ubud’, it will goes like this (of course it’s all hypothetical until proven otherwise):

1. Meet Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam


I don’t know when it started. But there’s an urban myth that Eddie is a frequent visitor of Bali and especially Ubud. If you are 90’s generation like me (read: having a hell of teenage angst in the years between 1991 and 1997), this is a possibility too tempting to resist.

2. (Try to) Get a Pulitzer Prize


Or better yet, Nobel price in literature. I swear. The next big thing in literature world will have to thank Ubud’s magical ambiance and its direct influence to one’s creative mind. The annual Ubud Writer’s Festival is a testimonial to this belief.

3. Make a living

Are you kidding me? Who on earth will work in such beautiful place as this if they can just sit back and relax? Well, many people visiting this place ended up finding themselves in love with it. Neck deep. Unless you have a hell of trust fund at your disposal, you have to work to live here.

If you happen to be a digital nomad the better. Ubud has a coworking space with solid rep named Hubud (Hub in Ubud) where you can start. It’s a birthplace of Bali’s most famous startups I guess.

4. Reach Satori


With so many people doing yoga–and Ubud is like the Mecca for all types of yoga pants all kinds of yogis–it amazes me, just how small the numbers of those who have their Kundalini “lit”. Yeah. They said they have. But you can spot people faking about having Kundalini-awakening like you can spot fake watch on display on Ubud’s street peddlers’ stall.

Nature is the closest thing human have with the concept of samadhi. Ubud offers plenty of this unseen juice that can balance whatever imbalance in life you’re experiencing. Yoga is about reaching that sweet spot called enlightenment. Or Satori like the Zen-Buddhism said. It is never about yoga pants.

5. In Love

With a stranger, your high school sweetheart you have a trip here with, or whoever you think is right. If all failed, there are always Balinese medicine men. No. Don’t fall in love with them, you crazy! They’re like 100 years old anyway. However, maybe they can show you the right guy/gal or… if that also fails, they can entice you with their profound knowledge to help you deal with whatever issue you seek for their help in the first place. On second thought. It’s ok if you fall in love with them. Nothing is sweeter than to fall in love with someone who put an end to your daddy issue.

Well, I guess that’s it!

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Pic source: Google and Paul Jarvis.

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