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Don’t Travel to Indonesia

21 Jun , 2016   Gallery

Don’t travel to Indonesia. Here’s why:

1. It’s not worth your money

Sure. The cost of living in Jakarta is only 100-300% cheaper than New York, Paris and Sydney. But still, Jakarta prices are 30%-100% higher than almost all travel-worthy cities in Indonesia combined. Travel-wise, it’s 30 days worth of saving your money and get something awesome in return: a travel to remember and a relaxed wallet. But surely, who need those?

2. The views aren’t that great

Indonesia has everything from mighty volcanoes to pristine beaches; sand dunes to lush valleys, man-made wonders to divine creations and each one of them is a joy to behold. All of them paint Indonesia as a very beautiful place. Period. But you’ve seen better you said (but didn’t say where).


3. The cultural aspects are not that rich

From Pulau Weh to Raja Ampat, a distance equal to three time zones and 12 hours flight, you’ll see nothing but cultural richness of Indonesia. But of course, it means nothing for you.

4. The food?

Just because you don’t like durian… doesn’t mean it’s not the king of the fruits as it is to many Indonesians and most Southeast Asians.

It’s funny how this one thorny-husked fruit divides the whole world into two: those who love them and those who hate them. One side describes it as a fruit from heaven above, while for the other it’s a biological weapon of mass destruction. Grey area? Close to zero.

Speaking of Indonesia’s fruit, scientists recently found that jackfruit, which is called nangka in Indonesian, is probably the only thing that can help us feeding future populations (the whole 8 Billions of us!). But you know what scientists? The people of my hometown, Yogyakarta, already did this for ages.

You see that brown substance on the middle of the gudeg picture? It tastes sweet and it’s made by slow-cooked young jack fruit’s flesh with plenty of herbs.

Lastly, let’s not forget, CNNGo crowned Indonesian Rendang and Nasi Goreng as the first and second most delicious food in the world according to its readers’ pick.


5. The people

Indonesia has no less than 250 Million people spread in 13.466 inhabited islands, no less than 360 ethnic groups utilizing 719 languages.

I repeat,

13.466 islands, 360 ethnic groups and 719 languages

How homogeneous is that?

Our nation’s history spanned back to the time unknown to living men. The days of kingdoms that even history forgets. Claudius Ptolemy from the first century Egypt spoke of an island located due east of Indian sea named Labadius, which is likely a Greek’s rendering of Sanskrit’s Javadwipa, or Java as it’s known today.

Being a tropical country gives Indonesians strong communal spirit in every aspects of their life, working, gathering and even worshiping. Villages built, maintained and operates in this spirit. That’s why people are so friendly in Indonesia. But again, having strangers smile at you, willing to help, politely asking your stories out of genuine curiosity is too much for your individualism.

6. Things to do in Indonesia

  • Photography. Indonesia is an unlimited inspiration for great photography. Landscape, human interest, it has them all. Bali is just one example.
  • Yes, I know, island hopping is too boring for you. Never you mind. The 13.466 inhabited islands or around 17.000 islands if you count the uninhabited as well, not one of them is worthy of your presence as a traveller. Even if it’s as beautiful as Belitung.

    Lighthouse, Pulau Lengkuas Belitung

    Lighthouse, Pulau Lengkuas Belitung

  • Get an exotic tattoo with deeper meaning of life according to Mentawai or Dayak tribes’ beliefs. Now, that’s what I call tribal tattoos! But of course, you still prefer those, generic, new school tattoos.

    Durga Handtap Tattoo Mentawai

    Handtap Mentawaian tattoo

  • Take photos with the elephants in Leuser National Park, like Leo did.

    Leo Dicaprio with the elephants in Indonesia's Mount Leuser National Park,

    Leonardo DiCaprio with the elephants in Indonesia’s Mount Leuser National Park,

7. The animals?

From the super cute orangutans, the scary komodo dragon and the beautiful cendrawasih of Papua, Indonesia is home to a diverse animal kingdom.

Don’t Travel to Indonesia…Said No One Ever

To sum things up, Indonesia has everything you look for in a travel. It has all the ingredients for a great trip: the people you’ll meet along the way, the diverse cultures you’ll experience, the culinary adventures, and of course the places you’ll find a hard time to forget, they all made Indonesia as  the ultimate travel destination.

Don't Travel to Indonesia Said No One Ever


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5 Responses

  1. Pat Clark says:

    No, don’t travel to Indonesia, go there and stay like I did, it is nice to be different. Lots of people go to Bali for a holiday, I go home for a holiday, and can not wait to go back “home” to Indonesia xx

    • Lesley says:

      I’m with you on that! It’s always nice to go back to Scotland once in a while but Indo is home now for all the reasons stated here. Nice blog and thx for sharing..

  2. Wally siagian says:

    My curses, to be born live drink dive breed and reveling all that flat barrens shit , hahahaha

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  4. Visvas India says:

    Thank you for some great reads here and such a diverse and amazing ways to travel and live life.

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