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Content Marketing for Vacation Rentals

16 May , 2016  

How to apply content marketing for vacation rentals? Read on to see what you can do, but first thing first, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the new “it” word in online world.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In simple words, it is the way you add extra value to your core service/product for your customers using related, relevant content in order to drive sales/increase conversions etc.

As you can see, given the wide scope of that definition, every effort of marketing your products/services other than direct advertisement  can be considered a content marketing. Of course, given its tremendous impact on traffic and traction to your website, your vacation rental business can be benefited from such effort.

Start Somewhere:

Good Photos

For vacation rental business, visual contents are always the safest bet. You can actually go wild on that.

Visual contents consist of anything, from photos/pictures to a good aerial video of your vacation rental’s surrounding places. It’s a good way to introduce your place to your customers, isn’t it?

After all, you know what they say: a picture says a thousand words; a good picture says a thousand more; and great picture brings clients.


In a case where customers can’t decide where to stay, what do you think will persuade them to choose your place over your competitors with similar price, amenities and location? That’s right. Great photos of your place.


It’s the most useful weapon in your content marketing arsenal and, therefore, you should use it frequently. A good blog post–clear, informative useful and relevant–can reach far and wide in the blogosphere as well in social media.

It’s not hard to be informative as long as you know what kind of info your customers-would-be are interested to find out. Review of local restaurants? A list of nearby attractions? Things to do? Things like that are useful and have long-lasting relevancy. Meaning, the blog post you wrote about Things to do In Nyepi a few years back can still bring you visitors today.


A blog is a versatile platform you can use for delivering your contents. If your vacation rental has its own website (as opposed to only featured in OTA or booking engine), chances are, you have blogging function there by default. So, start writing.

Social Media

This is one platform that you can’t afford not to use in terms of content marketing. If blog is your medium to create, social media is the way to spread it…

If SEO is the MOAB, mother of all bombs, consider social media shares as the FOAB or father of all bombs. They go great by itself, and even greater if you combine them together in a right way.

One advantage of social media is that, here, you can market your VR directly to your “crowds”: groups you joined, pages you liked; your followers and followees, or in short any place you know you’ll get free traffics from your content will gives a tremendous value for.

Tips: To add further authority of your brand, you can utilize Facebook’s Author tag to every content that you share. People tend to click everything with even the smallest hint of authoritative source, even if it’s just your name or brand in their news feed. Ride the tide.

SEO for vacation rentals FB author tag

Example of Facebook author tag.

Be Featured In Someone Else’s Content Marketing

This is the ultimate content marketing for vacation rentals hack that you can try. Instead of providing the contents and whatnot by yourself, you are the content. How cool is that?

This is the fact, you’re not the only one who try to market your content (in order to boost sales). Everyone else is doing it. There’s an industry built around this particular subject. Vacation rentals-related business is no exception. It’s legit to hitchhike as long it’s beneficial for both parties.

I’m saying about those OTAs and booking engines and their hordes of content writers one of whom probably is more than willing to feature your vacation rentals or your story in one of their publications. Both online and offline.

Reach out to them to be featured in one of such publications. It can be an interview, a featured piece of your place (with great photos as mentioned above) or anything where you can tell your story. In every case, get them to link to your website is a plus.


To reach bigger audience. To add credibility and trust for your customers and so on and so forth. And to get your face somewhere in Google Image Search.


Email me if you want to be featured in Bedforest blog.


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