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Vacation Rental Co-Marketing

22 Sep , 2015  

Ok. So you have a property for rent in Indonesia. You’ve allocated much time designing it and spent a fortune building/buying it, and now you think it’s time to get some return. What will you do? Create a website to promote it? Check. Place offline and online ads? Yep, it’s a good idea, but it’s too damn expensive, so, no. What else? List it with some property agencies? Uhuh. And yet it’s not quite performing like you’ve expected. Bookings are hard to get. Guests are hard to come by. It can get worse. What if you don’t have a website to promote your vacation rental? You’ll lose a considerable amount of prospects this way.

Enter Co-Marketing.

What is co-marketing? It’s a kind of new buzzwords in today’s marketing industry. In a way, it’s the opportunity for two or more entities: brands, companies, services, to work together on promotional efforts. In a co-marketing partnership, both entities promote a product or service or content and share results of that promotion with each other. Not only your marketing efforts are doubled or tripled, it also gives possibility for you to reach whole new audiences that you can’t possibly do on your own.

Co-Marketing has existed for so long that people don’t realize what it actually is and perceive it merely as an integrated part of mainstream marketing without realizing its full potential or giving it the attention it deserves.

Co-Marketing in Travel and Leisure Industry

In every several years interval, in every industry, something always comes up and changes the game for good. Travel and leisure industry is no exception. It’s an established business worth billions of dollars filled with big players and smaller ones. It incorporates not only hospitality services and products, but also transportation and communication tech. Like many established industry, it had a standardized practice, before the relatively recent startups galore disrupted it for the better, that is.

In terms of co-marketing, travel and leisure industry is unique. This is a type of industry that allows you to co-market with whoever you can. There’s no limit. Each of individual business in this category compliments each other like no other business does in other industry. Hospitality, transportation, communication, online services, you name it, they work seamlessly like cogs in an expensive wristwatch, one of which is known as tourism.

Online booking and ticketing services take central stage as soon as tech and connectivity evolved into what they are today. With the presence of those game-changers, travel, hospitality and leisure industry won’t be the same again

It’s safe to say that the world has never been this accessible. It’s never been easier for someone to travel than in these past few years. Everything is only few clicks away. From reserving flight tickets to booking your stay; you can do them all in your smartphone. Like Sunday morning. It’s easy.

Co-Market with BedforestCo-Marketing for Vacation Rental

Many don’t realize that the world has slowly turned into this one giant community of travelers and rentals owners. Everyone can be traveler. Everyone can be rental owner. Today’s jobs no longer require you to be sedentary (certain jobs even make it imperatives for you to travel), so people travel more than their previous generation did. Across countries. Across nations. And not just that, it turns out that your place doesn’t need to be five stars for the right people to rent. It means you can monetize it as it is (as long as it’s comfortable and clean).

It’s when Bedforest comes in handy. You see, Bedforest is a meetup point between members of such community. And in such community, meetup points matter a lot. Online travel marketplace like Bedforest ensures that vacation rental owners gets enough visibility to make their business running. And not just that. It works both way. Using its service, travelers can find almost instantly what they’re looking for in terms of vacation rental, location and price.

Your villa or house or bamboo cabin or lavish tent, or whatever you have to offer — including a tiny, modest, cozy room — with everything it stands for, is a brand. You trust this brand because you own it (or someone else on your behalf) and you have invested in it. As long as co-marketing goes, marketing your villa means you get connected to such meetup points. It’s one of the best ways to get bookings. It reaches far and it’s free. What else can you ask for?

But Bedforest is more than just a great co-marketer for your vacation rental. It’s also a hub that connects you to hundreds of NGOs that will benefit every time someone book through its service. Bedforest donates 1% of booking fees to NGOs of the guests’ choice. Hosts can also contribute by suggesting to their guests, which NGOs they would like the donation going to.

Just because you have an awesome website for your vacation rental, doesn’t mean guests will come on their own. You need to do more than that.

What else allows you to, not only to get bookings and earn income but also make you a part of great causes (via the NGOs program)?

That’s right.

So, if you have a property to rent in Indonesia, co-market with Bedforest. Like, now.

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