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Best Bali video ever! This is the real Bali.

29 Jul , 2016   Video

We just stumbled upon that amazing Bali video and wanted to share it with you guys. Six chapters about the people of Bali. A cultural journey filmed over a month of living on the island. This is their world through Brandon Li‘s eyes. Chapter 1: Tooth Filing Ceremony Chapter 2: The Rice Fields and Beyond Chapter […]

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Flores Most Instagrammable Landscapes

14 Jul , 2016  


Flores Most Instagrammable Landscapes Have you ever heard about the Indonesian island of Flores? Flores. Its name itself is an invitation to dream and travel. And the reality is even better. Clear blue water, foggy mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and welcoming people… Flores has a lot to offer and is a paradise for budding photographers and Instagram […]

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Karapan Sapi

7 Jun , 2016  

Karapan Sapi

Karapan sapi is an annual folk festival of the Maduranese. This requires a pair of bulls connected by wooden yoke and a plow (called kaleles) on which the jockey slash racer stands and keeps everything in balance while the beast speed up like they’re on fire. And yeah, to be the jockey requires a lot […]


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Nyepi Day: What to do in Bali

26 Feb , 2016  

Nyepi, On the Sky

Nyepi is the most sacred day of the year for Bali-Hindunese. It marks the Balinese New Year. Roll the old and rock the new…Nyepi 2016 falls on Wednesday, March 9. Unlike other cultures where New Year is often marked with festivities, Nyepi is celebrated in utter silence and darkness. But yes…not before a helluva organized […]

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Indonesian Volcanoes

28 Dec , 2015  

As part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia has a fair share of active volcanoes, stretching from Sumatra, Java, the Nusa Tenggara and part of Sulawesi. The fiery ring somehow excluded Kalimantan and Papua altogether. There are 35 active volcanoes in Sumatra, 45 in Java and around 30 in Nusa tenggara. The rests are […]


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Pasola: Bloody Harvest Ritual of Sumba

13 Oct , 2015  

Pasola Ceremony Sumba Indonesia

Until 100 years ago, headhunting was commonplace in Sumba. You can’t help but shiver remembering this fact as you stand with the crowd watching the extravagant Pasola ceremony of the Sumbanese. Among many things, the harvest ritual is also a reminder of West Sumba’s violent past, the closest thing you’ll ever get to the real […]


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The Mythical Prambanan Temple

10 Sep , 2015  

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is an ancient Javanese Hindu’s candi in the outskirt of Yogyakarta. It’s the Hindus’ answer to the Buddhist’s Borobudur. Both temples were built at roughly the same time in 9th century; two mega projects just roughly 30 kilometers apart. One Buddhist, one Shivaite Hindu. Architectural Landscape of Prambanan Temple What is called Prambanan […]

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