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Best Honeymoon Places in Indonesia

4 Aug , 2016  

Your once in a lifetime honeymoon in Indonesia

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect honeymoon in Indonesia?

Between May and October you might be able to hear a lot of wedding proposals, guests-lists debates and girly cake testing sessions. However the honeymoon destination and organization is often set aside due to more ‘essential’ topics. In order to make your first wed days as fantastic as possible, we made a selection of the best places in Indonesia to set your honeymoon days off. The Indonesian archipelago counts more than 17,000 islands so from Bali, Raja AmpatFlores, Sulawesi or Sumatra, the possibilities are endless. These islands encompass thousands of dialects, cultures and ethnicities, placing Indonesia as a dream destination for all honeymooners.

honeymoon uluwatu indonesia

1) Bali – A romantic classic

A honeymoon in Bali is everlastingly mainstream – this Hindu island sits the world’s biggest Muslim country, and its coast is home of the best beaches on the planet.  

Avoiding large resorts and hotels is easy in Bali. Many little and unique villas offer incredible beach views in a more local environment. Either facing the Indian Ocean and resting in a Coconut grove beside temples or traveling to the south of the island toward surf breaks you will find the place where relaxing and discovering the Indonesian culture will match perfectly.

Feeling the atmosphere of the country itself is essential. Head to Ubud – a town in the heart of staggering rice paddy and waterway valley scenes. The area is enclosed by conventional towns which are home to some of Bali’s most gifted artisans and skilled workers. Investigate towns by bike and try your hand at Balinese cookery. Get down to a cascade or have your late pre-marriage ceremony favored by a Balinese cleric. Facing any of these landscapes you will find many villas and hotels and some more in the city.

Ubud Nature and Ricefields honeymoon indonesia destination

Ubud Nature and Ricefields

2) Lombok – Bali’s wild sister

Only 40 miles east of Bali easily connected to its sister island by boat or even with a short flight. You can appreciate a wide range of watersports including amazing snorkeling sites and plunging on the coral reefs of the close-by Gili Islands. White sand and fine accommodations, the daring honeymooners can head inland, trekking to Sasak towns, waterfalls and notwithstanding handling the incomparable Mount Rinjani on an overnight outdoors experience.
Many tourists are drawn to Indonesia hoping for an Eat, Pray, Love experience. But as newly married couples, you will see easily why people describe the islands as spiritual, too. Definitely a good honeymoon spot to think during your wedding and after wedding preparation.

3) Java – An impressive nature

Take Java, Indonesia’s most crowded island could appear to be overpowering at first. Yet move far from the urban areas and you’ll discover unlimited perspectives of verdant rice paddies, beguiling towns and undiscovered beaches. Java is not presented in many honeymoon catalogs, but it does not mean there is no destination for it. Many hotels are now offering great honeymoon packages for their newly married guests. Following the development of tourism, the housing has also increased consequently. The island keeps its strong identity through its own culture, natural beauty and history: perfect for a honeymoon stay.

Honeymoon Perfect Spot Indonesia

Honeymoon Perfect Spot

4) Flores – A unique Flora and Fauna

Right between Sumbawa and Flores, the Komodo archipelago is a preserved ecosystem synonym of nature and unique beauty. The archipelago is honoured with mind blowing shorelines extending from volcanic dark to unadulterated white or delicate pink sand. Dynamic coral reefs, top of the line scuba diving spots and the notorious Komodo Dragons will be your daily activities.

Perhaps not the major destination for honeymooners, the island offer however incredible outdoor activities from Kelimutu Volcano hiking and its surrounding landscape to astonishing seabeds.
Your trip in Flores can include traditional local villa or small homestay.

Pulau-padar honeymoon in Indonesia

Flores – the perfect spot for honeymooners

5) Sumba – The remote treasure

Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands and in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Quite unknown from touristic catalogs and still considered as a remote island, Sumba is quickly becoming a potential “New Bali’s” destination.  If the name doesn’t sound familiar to you, maybe an image of its white-sand beach will have more success. Like in any Indonesian destination, the range of activities goes from remote surf spot to explore, to tropical jungles and magnificent bays to dive in. Sumba will be a the dreamed destination for adventurer-honeymooners.
And of course, elected Best hotel in the world by Travel & Leisure, the eco resort Nihiwatu is not to be missed!


Sumba Beaches for a Piece of Heaven for your Honeymoon in Indonesia

Sumba Beaches for a Piece of Heaven for your Honeymoon

6) Raja Ampat – Gods smile

Until recently a hidden heaven on the eastern part of Indonesia, Raja Ampat has bloomed into a new travel destination, while keeping it natural. It consists of 1,700 islands, all located in the far east of Indonesia, creating an archipelago in the West of Papua.

Known as one of the most remote places in the world, you might have the chance to discover incredible landscapes of untouched nature. This feeling of loneliness and adventure may be the perfect mixture for a paradisiac honeymoon.

7) Sulawesi – Between sea and mountain

Situated between Borneo (Kalimantan) and the Maluku Islands, Sulawesi is a place of adventure for honeymooners and nature lovers. From cities to remote villages and diving spots, Sulawesi will offer you an unconditional romantic experience through Indonesian culture and landscape. Its coastline defined by sandy beaches and coral reefs will make you discover an infinite variety of fish. While the interior lands are mountains and jungles and intense wildlife. This spot of paradise is just waiting for you, honeymooners.

ocean wedding honeymoon Indonesia

So isn’t Indonesia the best honeymoon destination in the world? Adventure addicts, calm seekers or nature lovers, there are as many destinations as couple profiles. No need to search further, you found newlywed’s heaven !

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