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Bali Startups Community

4 Feb , 2016  

Bali is a fast growing startup ecosystem. Coinciding with the advent of digital nomadism, more founders, local and international, have started to set their startup HQ in Bali.

Everyone knows that bootstrapping is essential to keep your startup lean and uncluttered in its initial phases. The comparatively cheap living cost in Bali, from eating to rent, is a huge incentive for this. The same goes for both productive and entertainment costs. It’s half the attraction already! The huge cost difference in rent between Bali and their home country alone can pay for the server upgrade their startup needs.

Co-Working Space as Community

In Bali, some co-working spaces also act as close-knitted communities of like-minded souls. This in turn can boost your productivity, become a well of knowledge and resources, as well as a source of inspiration. It’s no wonder that, most of startups are orbiting around co-working spaces.

However, there are also a lot of things going on beyond the co-working spaces. That’s why some founders decided to join hands together and start an initiative which purpose is to gather all of startups in Bali into one larger community.

One Community to rule them all, One Community to find them,
One Community to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Well, of course not. Are you kiddin’ me?

It’s just a community where founders, developers, designers and marketers can connect with each other, share their passion and stories, learn from others and help each other with their skills and expertise. It’s a place where an advice for a growth hack that you desperately need is given freely in return of buying the “adviser” a bottle of Bintang. Well, what do I know, it’s a a paid service after all! But never you mind.

In short, this will be a community where digital satoris, for lack of a better term, take place.

It has to start with something, so the community plans to host regular, monthly event open to everyone who wants to connect to Bali Startupers Community members and beyond.

“We are excited to see what relationships evolve from these events and hope it inspires more entrepreneurs to join the community, make some noise about cool startups and in the end support our Bali startup network. We are excited to see what happens as this evolves, and hope others get excited about helping and contributing to community building, learning sessions and bringing in special guests to Bali.” Andrea Loubier says.

“Who’s that?”

“Oh, she’s just the co-founder and CEO of Mailbird, an email client for Windows that recently hit their milestone of 1,000,000 users. All that from Bali!”

“….And she loves spicy food.”

“I hope Bali Startupers facilitates more progress for startups here on the island as I believe that this could be the source that helps people build valuable relationships to help us all succeed in doing something great in this world, even if from a tiny little island in Bali.” she continues.

“I also hope Bali Startupers encourages more awesome entrepreneurial initiatives to emerge in Bali. Before, it was noted as a great place to work and build your business, but now it’s time to develop this great thing we have happening here and develop the ecosystem into a much more full-rounded startup hub that the world is talking about. We hope Bali Startupers really makes some noise and evolves into the real Silicon Bali.’ she crosses her fingers.

And… Bedforest is proud to be a part of this community, including by, but not limited to, co-hosting Bali Startupers Community’s first event, Friday, February 5, 2016.

Be there. Or be square.

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