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Booking abandonment, how to get over it ?

11 May , 2016  

Let’s picture it this way: every visitor surfing on a website is actually living a whole digital journey before eventually booking the vacation rental of his dreams. There is indeed a big gap between the first look at the website and the actual checking out. Building a bridge to link these two steps to avoid booking abandonment might take while. The usual customer will visit various websites to make comparisons on criteria such as price and reviews. They will use any mean they have: smartphones, tablets, computer… Having a visitor click on “Book Now” is like having him going to hundreds of shops in real life.

Like in real life, it’s easy for an online shopper to give up on the way. Everyone experienced this moment when you’re about to check out but finally close the browser tab. Any reason is good, perhaps the price was too high or the website not reliable enough.

Reasons For Booking Abandonment

Individuals search for lodging rooms the same way they look for pet food or electronic devices. They do a great deal of exploration and their excursion drives them to numerous websites before they settle on a choice. By what means would you be able to attract them when they’re prepared to choose? First step to improvement is to understand why they could potentially leave. The E-mail and on-site remarketing specialist SaleCycle led a survey on 1,000 travelers in order to understand the main reasons of booking abandonment. Here is the outcome with the main five reasons:

  • Need to do more research
  • Need to compare prices
  • Need to read more reliable reviews
  • The booking process is too long
  • Technical problems with the website

Reaching The Booking Step

First of all, the last two points of attention are easy to overcome if your website is well developed with an up to date booking engine. Secondly do not hesitate to highlight positive comments on your homepage to show your website can be trusted by any new user.

Shouldn’t something be said about the two first points however? Those are indeed harder to control, but if you manage to do so your impact will be much bigger. Make sure you have high-resolution photographs and high-interest information. Create flash deals to give an added value to your content. Analyze who visits your website and how long they stay on it to better reach relevant visitors.

The exciting news is that 87% of surveyed travelers say seven after booking abandonment they would come back to the booking procedure later. Even in today’s online market, the first impression you make to a customer remains the most important.


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