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7 Best Diving Spots in Raja Ampat

3 Oct , 2016  

Raja Ampat – The new diving destination

Indonesia is well known for its incredible underwater scenery. Many travellers already fell in love with this place. And we understand why: many beautiful islands surrounded by white sand beaches and astonishing seabeds. You may have figured it out, Indonesia is the diving paradise destination.

Raja Ampat means “The Four Kings” in Indonesian. It also refers to the four main islands in the Eastern Indonesian sea, in the province of West Papua. They are particularly known by the tourists for their hidden lagoons with turquoise waters.

But for the last few years, the diving tourism has particularly increased over the archipelago. Raja Ampat is a gold mine for scuba divers and snorkelling fans. There are more than 374 fish species and 600 coral species identified over the archipelago, it places it as one of the best destination for scuba diving.



You’ll find plenty of scuba diving clubs in Raja Ampat, where you can also learn how to dive.
Another way to enjoy your trip there (recommended by Bedforest team) is to go on a cruise in Raja Ampat on a liveaboard.

As holidays are not always expendable, here is a selection of incredible diving spots you may want to discover during your stay over Raja Ampat:


1) Wayag

A remote location dotted of more than a hundred of verdant limestone islands and as many paradisiac white sand beaches.

Diving tip in Wayag? You should better go to the Northwest islands if you are looking for hard coral gardens and dive with grey reef sharks.



2) Kawe

In the Southwest of Wayag islands, Kawe is a larger rock island located on the Equator line.

Why diving in Kawe? What about diving in two different hemispheres only with a few strokes. There is also an abundant fish life around the island and you might get the chance to swim with Manta rays…


3) South West Waigeo

Good diving skills are recommended for this destination and you need to be accompanied is some areas. However, you will see  astonishing Manta ray shows.

Why diving in South West Waigeo?  The main attraction of this spot is the Manta ray cleaning station, a once in a life-time experience.


4) Fam

From basic snorkelling to longer scuba diving sessions, this spot is the perfect place to swim in varied coral gardens and charming bays.

Diving tip in Fam? Plan at least a day there in your trip to have time to see all the beauty of the area. It is also a nice spot for family excursions.


5) South Waigeo

South Waigo is worldwidly known as one of the best diving spot over Raja Ampat.

Why diving in South Waigeo? Looking for special fish species? You may find frenzy of wahoo, tuna or trevally and many other.


6) Batanta

A larger island offering different diving perspective and reefs to discover, for all diving adventurers.

Why diving in Batanta? Many World War II American fighter planes lay under the water. It offers an incredible playground to a diversified underwater fauna and flora.


7) Kofiau

Island in the West part of Raja Ampat, Kofiau is mostly preferred by underwater photographers in love with the clear water panorama.

Why diving in Kofiau? You’ll definitely find the highest fish population of the area around this spot.


As you may have understood, “Every diving site looks different, every habitat has its own unique suite of species and that makes this just such a unique place.” according to Dr. Mark Erdmann. Whether you prefer snorkelling or diving,  tuna or manta ray, beaches or fishes, Raja Ampat has it all and more!

Check out this Raja Ampat aficionados Facebook group too.

Any other diving spots that we missed? Please share in the comments 🙂

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